2015 Recruitment Guide

2015 Recruitment Guide

(Summary description)

2015 Recruitment Guide

(Summary description)



2015 Recruitment Guide


Shunde Sanshe Electric Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of building low-voltage electrical appliances, switch sockets, ventilation products, refrigeration products, air energy water heaters and lighting products. It covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters in a garden-style industrial park; Have a good working environment and working atmosphere. Due to the needs of development, the company sincerely invites the following talents to join us for a brilliant future.

1. Lingge Electric Appliance Company recruits 21 workers: (for the production of leakage switches and electronic products, the piece rate is RMB 2,400- RMB 4,200 per month)

1.  DZ47 workshop: 2 female workers installing leakage current; 1 male worker fighting leakage current; 1 female worker bypassing relay.

2.  Single-phase workshop: 1 female tester .

3.  Electronic workshop: 13 female soldering workers ; 2 male soldering workers.

4.  Electronic workshop: 1 male tin immersion worker .

2. Fengze Electric Company recruits 102 workers: (Production of switch sockets, piece rate 2400 yuan-4200 yuan / month)

1.  Installation workshop: 70 female workers and 10 male workers

2.  Hardware workshop: 2 male workers, automatic machine for vibrating pan and pan parts.

3.  Injection workshop: 15 male and female production workers; feeder: 1 male; tester: 1 male; machine repair: 1 male (2 shifts, night shift night supper subsidy 20 yuan/night, and an additional 10% piece rate commission /Night; high temperature allowance 100 yuan/person/month from June to October.)

4.  Automatic lathe workshop (in charge of tapping and drilling): 2 male and female workers in total

3. Zhongjun Refrigeration Equipment Company recruits 5 workers: (production of central air-conditioning, heat pump water heaters)

1. 1  quality inspector: high school degree or above, with work experience in the same industry.

2.  1 production line electrician: high school degree or above, mainframe internal wiring, cable tie, testing; work experience in the same industry.

3.  1 welder: unlimited education, welder certificate, and gas welding (brazing) work experience.

4.  Two after-sales maintenance workers: high school degree or above, with work experience in the same industry.


4. The above positions: The minimum wage for the first three months of new employees is 8hours a day, 2400 yuan/month, and overtime is not included. Requirements: Male workers are 18-45 years old; female workers are 18-40 years old, physically and mentally healthy, hardworking, and obey the arrangements.


²There  are staff canteens and dormitories in the company, the food cost is 6 yuan/meal, the company subsidizes 2 yuan, the employee pays 4 yuan, and the meal is first deducted from the salary; the employee lives in the company’s standard dormitory for 4-5 people, free of accommodation ; Two employees who have reached the probationary period can apply to live in a single room.

²The  company pays attention to the cultural life of employees, and organizes employee birthday parties every month; at the end of the year, it organizes cultural and entertainment activities to welcome the new year + lottery.

²The  company will uniformly book outbound and return group train tickets for the employees and their families returning home during the Spring Festival.

²The  company has a seniority award. The annual seniority award for employees who have completed 1 year is 360 yuan, the annual seniority award for employees who have completed 2 years is 720 yuan, and the annual seniority award for employees who have completed 3 years is 1080 yuan, and so on, the highest cap is 5 years. (That is, the maximum length of service award is 1800 yuan)

²The  company has generous benefits, humanized management, compliance with national statutory holidays, good training mechanisms and incentive mechanisms, and fair provision of appropriate career development opportunities; when it is necessary to supplement management talents, priority is given to internal training and promotion.


Contact Person of Human Resources Department: Lingge\ Ms. Fengze Li/Ms. Zhou 25537723 Head Office Miss Zhu 25553193

Company Address: Sansheele Industrial Park, Leliu Port Intensive Industrial Zone, Leliu Town, Shunde District, Foshan City Website:

Bus route: Bus 365 at Daliang Bus Station / Bus 366 at Leliu Bus Station-Zhuhe Road Huanglian Intersection-Get off at the bus and go forward 150 meters (Sanshe Electric)

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