Electric fan

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Electric fan

(Summary description)


Electric fans

1. The classification of electric fans
can be divided into: table (turning page) fans, table (turning page) fans, floor (turning page) fans, wall fans, ceiling fans, ceiling fans, box fans, water-cooled fans (air conditioning fans) ).
Second, the structure of the electric fan Fan
blades, fan head, protective cover, supporting structure, control part.
Table fans, wall fans, table fans, and floor fans have many similarities in structure. They all have drive motors, fan blades, supporting structures and control parts. The only difference is in the form of bottom acne. Ceiling fans are made of booms, It is composed of fan blades, drive motor and upper and lower covers, and some have speed regulators and timers. The page turning sector is different from other electric fans except for its shape. It is mainly equipped with a turning disk. Through the low-speed operation of the turning disk, a cone-shaped swirling air flow is generated, giving people the feeling of natural wind.
The air-conditioning fan does not use a compressor but uses the principle of water evaporation and ice melting to absorb heat to lower the air temperature and play a role in humidification.            
3. The model and specifications of the electric fan. The
   fan model is representative such as FS5-40. FS stands for floor fan. 5 stands for the fifth-generation product of the manufacturer.
                            40 stands for 400mm, which is 16”
      250mm=10 300mm=12” 3500mm=14” 400mm=16”
generally according to the country Standard: 300mm air volume is 38 cubic meters per minute
   350mm air volume is 51 cubic meters per minute 400mm air volume is 65 cubic meters per minute
   FT stands for table fan FS stands for floor fan
   FW stands for wall fan FD stands for ceiling fan
   FC stands for ceiling fan. FTS stands for table (ground) fan.
   KYT stands for turntable table fan . KYS stands for turntable floor fan.
4. Use and maintenance.
Fast gears should be used to start the electric fan, because the starting current of the fan is 4 to 8 times larger than during normal operation. . The fast start voltage is used to fully press the main coil of the motor. At this time, the voltage is sufficient, the start is fast, and the motor generates less heat. Conversely, after the slow start voltage is reduced by the speed control coil, the voltage applied to the two gears of the motor coil is low, the time for the motor coil to pass high current is prolonged, and the coil heat is increased, which affects the life of the motor and even destroys the motor. Therefore, it is best to use the fast gear when starting, and adjust the gear after the speed is normal. This will not only help protect the motor, but also save electricity. (The operating distance of the remote control is about 5 meters at most.)

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